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£6 Booking Fees

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Standard Membership


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£20 Booking Fees

*£25 up to 24hrs notice

Sitters & Carers Rates

(Paid to them in cash at the end of the session)


per hour

Before 6pm


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After 6pm

(Bank holidays and some hallmark holidays £20 per hr)

Dog Walking

Our aim is to provide the best possible service.


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Nanny Fees

Where you decide to take on a carer in a permanent placement they are then regarded as a nanny.


per hour

Temporary/ Permanent positions

Agency fees for all services (babysitting/nannying, dog walking, home sitting).

For all permanent positions agency fee is the equivalent of 5 weeks of carer/ sitter’s net salary plus VAT.

For all Part Time, Temporary (24 plus hours) and holiday placements 20% of carer/ sitter’s fees for members, 35% for non members, plus VAT.

If an agreement is reached where a sitter, carer or dog walker is taken on in a permanent position by a client, the agency charges a finding fee of the equivalent of five weeks of the nanny’s salary, plus VAT. Minimum fee £500.

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